The Top Vegan Cities in the World in 2024

The rise of veganism is more than a trend; it’s a global movement. From street food vendors to high-end restaurants, cities around the world are embracing plant-based eating. In this article, we explore “The Top Vegan Cities in the World,” drawing from the latest 2024 rankings by HappyCow.

HappyCow’s evaluation of vegan-friendly cities includes the number of vegan restaurants, the variety of vegan options, and the presence of a vibrant vegan community. These criteria reflect not just the quantity but the quality of vegan life in these cities.

London: Leading the vegan cities

Despite a slight decline in vegan businesses, London continues to reign as the top vegan city. With over 161 fully vegan restaurants in central London, it’s a paradise for plant-based eaters.

Berlin: A Vegan Haven

Berlin is a close second, known for its ease of finding vegan options. The city has seen a 34% growth in vegan-friendly listings, making it a haven for vegans.

Barcelona: Rapidly Growing Vegan Hub

Barcelona has witnessed a staggering 173% growth in vegan businesses. The city now boasts 58 fully vegan restaurants, reflecting its booming vegan culture.

Amsterdam: Steadily Vegan

Amsterdam’s vegan scene might be steady, but it’s consistently rich. New additions like KOOL and Primo Pasta keep the city’s vegan scene fresh and exciting.

Hamburg: The New Entrant

Making its debut on the list, Hamburg has experienced a 55% growth in vegan businesses, marking its entry as a new vegan hotspot.

Top Vegan Cities – Portland: Highest Density of Vegan Options

In relation to its size, Portland boasts the highest density of vegan options in the U.S., a testament to its committed vegan community.

Los Angeles: The Ever-evolving Vegan Mecca Los Angeles continues to be a vegan stronghold, with a variety of vegan events and an abundance of plant-based consumer options.

Paris: Elegance in Veganism

Paris blends veganism with elegance, boasting 90 all-vegan restaurants. The city is especially known for its plant-based pastries and gourmet food.

Bangkok: Vegan Thai Cuisine

Bangkok offers an authentic Thai vegan culinary experience. With a significant increase in vegan businesses, it’s an exciting destination for vegan food lovers.

Lisbon: A New Vegan Favorite

Lisbon has emerged as a top destination for vegan cuisine, with the highest density of vegan food choices in its city center.

Additional Noteworthy Cities

Cities like Tokyo, Warsaw, Brighton, and Singapore also deserve mention for their growing vegan scenes.

These top cities reflect a global shift towards veganism, highlighting a growing awareness and acceptance of plant-based lifestyles.

“The Top Vegan Cities in the World” showcases how global cities are championing the vegan movement. Whether you’re a long-time vegan or just curious about plant-based eating, these cities offer a rich tapestry of culinary delights to explore.

Top Vegan Cities FAQ Section

Q: What makes a city vegan-friendly? A: A variety of vegan dining options, a thriving vegan community, and accessibility to plant-based products contribute to a city’s vegan-friendliness.

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